Hanford’s China Alley

December 20, 2016

Arianne Wing from the L.T. Sue Co. gives viewers a tour of China Alley in downtown Hanford. Named one of America’s 11 most endangered historic places, China Alley’s roots date back to 1877. It’s made up of eleven historic buildings near Seventh and Green. Wing is the co-owner of a tea room located in China Alley. To learn more about China Alley visit or

Welcome to China Alley

March 12, 2013

This film was made in 5 days for the International Documentary Challenge from February 28 - March 4, 2013. It was made by Jes Therkelsen, Gosia Wozniacki, Tou Yang, and Matthew Vincent in Hanford, California.

China Alley in Hanford, California traces its roots to 1877, when the Central Pacific railroad was extended westward into the area and the new town of Hanford was formed. Numerous Chinese came to the area, many initially to help build the railroads, but others came for farming and agricultural purposes.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation named China Alley in Hanford, California to its 2011 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

Moon Festival China Alley Hanford California

Oct 3, 2009

two sets of lion dancers celebrating the moon festival in China Ally in Hanford California

In Rural California, an Imperial Dynasty Ends

March 24, 2006

European monarchs dined there. Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek once sent ambassadors to try the famous escargot. Ronald Reagan ate there when he was governor of California. Yet this food mecca is not in the culinary cities of Paris, San Francisco or Rome.

Hanford’s China Alley Gains National Honor, And Concern For Future

June 15, 2011

Hanford’s 7th Avenue looks pretty much like any other busy street in a small San Joaquin Valley town. It’s a broad avenue populated with a haphazard array of muffler shops, fast food joints and gas stations. Yet less than half a block away exists another world, seemingly frozen in time, a cultural and historic artifact, built by Chinese immigrants who came to build the railroad starting in the 1870’s, a place called China Alley.